Culpeper is an island of biodiversity in the inner city – an organic garden with a rich variety of plants which provide year round nectar for bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies.   Ivy-clad trees offer shelter and nest sites for birds such as long tailed tits, blackbirds and robins, while the pond is home to frogs, toads and smooth newts.

Culpeper’s wildlife area features a bog garden and the mature trees have been underplanted with wildflowers.  Nettles and brambles (food plants for many insect species) thrive undisturbed.  Search for intriguing invertebrates such as woodlice, spiders and centipedes in our “minibeast mansion”, spot dragonflies hovering over the pond or listen to the birds chirruping in the treetops.

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Culpeper’s wildlife is great for gardeners too.  Frogs and toads keep our slugs at bay, birds scoff prodigious amounts of snails and caterpillars and insect predators such as wasps, ground beetles, lacewings and ladybirds feed on smaller pests such as aphids.

In 2018, we received the Pattenden award for best wildlife garden in Islington.

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